20th January 2007
Well it's taken about seven years - but at last an update! I've added a new section called "Deeper Theory" that contains various papers that I have written and am currently writing about music theory.

15th May 1998
Complete redesign of the whole site. I am now using "style sheets" - this means that the site can only be viewed perfectly using Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4, or Internet Explorer 3 or 4. With older versions of these programs, the site is perfectly readable, but some of the formatting will be incorrect. Both of these browsers are free and can be downloaded from Netscape and Microsoft. This site is best viewed if you have the fonts Verdana and Georgia installed on your system - these are available for both Apple Macintosh and Windows, and can be freely downloaded from Microsoft.

22nd March 1998
New page about modulation.

23rd February 1998
New midi files of the chord progressions on the Dominant Seventh and Augmented Sixths page.

16th February 1998
New page on Dominant Seventh and Augmented Sixth Chords, and redesign of Chords section of the site.

26th January 1998
New section on chords - their construction and meaning - The Chords Page.

14th December 1997
New midi files which demonstrate the notes and chords in each of the eight tonal scales.

7th December 1997
New page on Cadential Forms, and redesign of Cadence section of the site.

23rd November 1997
The Tonal Centre is launched. A massive expansion and redesign of site. The Cadence Page is now subsumed into the new site, with a new section on scales at The Scales Page.

29th September 1997
A new page about the (descending) melodic major scale in The Melodic Major Cadences, which includes a new piece of music demonstrating this scale.

13th July 1997
New midi files illustrating Resolutions from a Dominant Seventh (or Augmented Sixth) Chord. More information about the double harmonic major scale in The Double Harmonic Major Cadences page.

20th April 1997
The Cadence Page is launched.